12 reasons why your app won’t scale

Scaling is being able to handle more traffic (more page views, more simultaneous users) without service degradation. It is needed when your service works well and attract new users, your growth is viral, your app appears on a TV show or just after you shoot an email to your 250k prospects. To be able to scale, you and your app must be prepared. While many factors can hinder your ability to scale, in this article we’ll cover the 12 most common and how to fix them.


Surpass Pokemon Go hype: minimizing impact on the infrastructure

Except if you’ve lived in a cave, disconnected from the outside world since the beginning of the summer, you should have heard of Niantic Labs releasing the augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Continent after continent, country after country, the game keeps getting more and more audience and players. Nowadays, it also means more and more applications around the game are created and here starts this story.

Pika as Pikachu - https://fr.fotolia.com/id/30002656

One more step in the Docker Ecosystem with our new Docker addon

It is not a secret that since day one, Docker has been an important piece of our infrastructure. Our ambition is to go towards more integration in the Docker ecosystem. As a first step in that direction, today we are releasing a new add-on: the Docker image add-on. You will now be able to download the Docker images Scalingo has built for you and use it in different scenarios that we detail in this article.

Docker whale

Mongo 3.2 is now available, WiredTiger and one-click upgrade included

If you’ve been looking forward to use the latest MongoDB release on the Scalingo platform, we have good news for you. We’ve just turned on the ability to upgrade to MongoDB 3.2. From now on, provisioned MongoDB addon will run this version with WiredTiger enabled. Of course, we didn’t forget existing customers. We’ve setup a smooth upgrade path to this new version.

White Tiger image